Why you should outsource

Outsourcing for the first time? Here's why you should do it

Why Outsource?

You will save money

Keeping up with changing technology requires considerable capital investment for laser printers, mail insertion machines, software and operating personnel, much of which is only required part time. When you partner with Formost mediaOne for document outsourcing you get a state-of-the-art production facility at a fraction of the cost. You only pay for your company's usage.

Focus on what you do best

The term "core competency" seems overused in today's business world but has never been truer. To maintain a competitive edge you have to be focused on what you do best. It is important to drive sales and revenue while reducing fixed overhead. There is no commercial advantage to managing an internal data center and mailroom. By outsourcing, your business flows smoothly without the extra burden and interruption when it is time to generate invoices, statements, work orders or other documents. You simply send your files to us electronically. We do the work of your internal data center without the high costs and resources normally associated. You only pay for your company's usage.

Compare internal processing and outsourcing

When you compare the expense of operating an internal data center of any size there are hard and soft costs to consider.

Hard costs include capital equipment expenses for laser printers, mail inserters, sophisticated servers, machine supplies, employee salaries and the big surprises of maintenance contracts and licensing agreements. The comparison could end here and outsourcing would already appear to be the best solution.

More analysis will also reveal serious expenses in soft costs: indirect labour such as accounting, budgeting, payroll, benefits, advertising, recruiting, interviewing, training, technical support, research on equipment and software, purchasing and technical implementation, facilities management, contract management, shipping, receiving and mail delivery. Then there is also storage space, delivery or courier charges, additional insurance, real estate and utilities. All of these extra expenses for equipment that in most cases only runs intermittently. Formost mediaOne offers economy of scale. We are in the service business and understand and appreciate your deadlines and compliance issues. If you are considering document outsourcing, consider all of your costs and then give us a call.

Why chose Formost mediaOne

Not all outsourcing companies are created equal. What makes a good partner? Who do you trust to do the job "right"? Are you comfortable they can manage your client sensitive financial data? Will you be a "small fish in a big pond"? What happens to you if a major client suddenly monopolizes machine time? Will you be given the respect and priority you deserve and expect?

Formost mediaOne will always be there for you. If you are running behind schedule and data has not been sent, we will never say that you missed your production window and have to be rescheduled. We are here to help. It is our commitment to always have enough excess capacity in relation to workload to ensure your production is completed on time. If a potential vendor boasts about how many printers or mail inserters they have instead of how many satisfied customers or how they can help by offering solutions - be careful. You could be facing someone who will want to conform your needs and requirements to fit theirs. In this industry you want a client focused partner.

It is wise to consider more than just price and equipment when selecting a document outsourcing partner. Formost mediaOne promises to put your needs first to ensure a mutually rewarding relationship. We are here for you - one to one.