Mail Services

Mail Services

Your inserting needs can vary greatly depending on the project and Formost mediaOne makes sure you are covered regardless of variables. We can provide Standard or Intelligent Inserting for a variety of sizes of envelopes.

Standard Inserting services allow you to insert up to six documents economically.

Intelligent Inserting is ideal when security and confidentiality are paramount. Our Bowe Bell+Howell and Pitney Bowes high-capacity Automated Intelligent Mailing Systems:

  • accumulate mixed multiple page documents
  • fold and selectively add up to eight inserts and meter, all in-line
  • use optical marks or barcodes to incorporate various levels of security such as: Item Count Verification (ICV), Sequence Checking and Insert Matching
  • add a Customer ID, Divert Indicator for quality control checks or Selective Insert indicator
  • to ensure 100% error-free mailing, we use the latest exit scanning technologies.

Pre-Processing: When we receive your raw data file, we always perform a thorough analysis to ensure data integrity. To reduce distribution costs, we can perform any number of raw data file enhancements such as:

  • national change of address
  • CMA kill file
  • duplication elimination
  • merge/purge
  • selects/assigns
  • genderization
  • case conversion or address validation and correction using up-to-date Canada Post software.

Your files will be validated against Canada Post's address databases through Address Accuracy and Address Correction processing. To further reduce postage costs and if your mail application qualifies, we can pre-sort your data for 3rd class mailing (Letter Carrier Presort or LCP, National Distribution Guide or NDG for Canada and 3-of-5 Standard or Zip+4 for US mailings). We have the latest software and know-how to ensure your mail is processed in the most economical way.

Folding: We can bi-fold, z-fold, letter-fold, right-angle-fold, perforate or perform combinations of the above.

Hand Assembly: In special circumstances when your document packages cannot be mechanically assembled, our Hand Assembly Department takes care of inserting, special packaging, matching items, attaching items, and anything else out of the ordinary. We also do hand work on detailed construction jobs that cannot be mechanically performed, such as merchandising display units with components affixed by special adhesives, tape or staples.

Sorting: When mailing Business Communications, postage is often the largest part of the overall cost. If your mailing qualifies, we can help to lower your postage costs by providing Letter Carrier Presort (LCP) or National Distribution Guide (NDG) sort services.

Special Situations: If your document requires stitching, matching, or any other special treatment, we'll find a solution. Flexibility is our strength.

Shrink Wrapping and Polybagging: We offer clear heat sealed poly film for items that should be seen, but need to be protected during the delivery process.