Web Based Submission

Web-based submission is one of the many ways e-Formost can receive data. This experience can be through a semi or fully branded site.

Upon receipt of data, e-Formost can be set to send out an email confirming the receipt of a file. The true automation component of e-Formost can now take over. The file will begin to run through the advanced data validation and pre-processing steps to create a unique MD5sum entry (Digital Finger Print) to ensure that the specific file has never been received before.

Additional data validation steps include checking of mandatory fields for:

  • Account ID
  • Dollar balances
  • Page length
  • Missing fields
  • Pattern matching to check for irregularities

The file is then automatically added to the secure database for processing or web proofing.

The web-based submission, combined with e-Formost OnceAmation will ensure that a file is securely processed from receipt, until production hold, with no IT interaction, unless there is an exception.