Enter the world of PDF e-Presentment with advanced security and a solution that can enable PCI compliance. Secure Email Presentment and Payment (SMPP) solution offers an alternative PUSH e-bill delivery and settlement model.

e-Formost offers a simple out of the box "brandable" interface that can be customized in minutes, not weeks.

E-delivery options in e-Formost ensure that you can communicate with your clients and/or their clients in a desired format such as:

  • E-delivery via a HTML based email with a link to site
  • E-delivery via a HTML based email with an attached PDF of the mail piece
  • E-delivery via email with a token based link to site to automatically retrieve a PDF or HTML page
  • E-Delivery of information to your client supporting single-on access

Each user has the ability to control how they want to communicate to maximize response rates and ensure that any data we are processing is delivered in the most appropriate way. e-Formost will ensure that you can meet the demands of your clients and provide secure access and additional services without needing programming or administrator intervention.

With the strength of multiple delivery options available through one solution, e-Formost can streamline your entire billing and revenue capture process to remove the human element thus eliminating costly errors, while providing true, multi-channel delivery options.