Customer Service

Customer service has one goal: To provide answers to the clients and customers. Improve customer satisfaction using e-Formost's flexible, secure and reliable customer service offerings.

Our internal customer service:

  • Access to all information about the job in process
  • Access to the raw data and a PDF of mail piece
  • Information on where the job is and what state of processing
  • Status of any print job

Our customers and their customer service departments:

  • Access to all information about the job in process
  • Web based access to the data from the job account number, totals, billing dates, etc
  • Web based access to a PDF version of the mail piece
  • Web based access to HTML version of the mail piece

All of this with 100% fidelity and accuracy to ensure they can assist the client or customer on the other end of the phone. e-Formost offers real-time access to data and mail pieces with complete integration to back-end systems with our flexible API integration tool-kit.

e-Formost is the one solution that gives you access to the tools before and after the job is created, to ensure open communication in a secure environment.