Bill Pay

In today's marketplace, companies are looking for their mailing providers to do more than just print and mail. e-Formost supports all categories of e-billing and self-service across both B2C and B2B environments: Including discrete and recurring financial transactional environments.

e-Formost is a fully integrated solution with secure bill pay providers. e-Formost offers secure hand off and site branding, security for even the most demanding clients.

No longer do you have to worry about additional custom coding and API hand-off's with integration to most of the large bill pay providers. e-Formost offers advanced features that enables us to offer your customers full and partial payment, future and re-occurring payments all built into a single solution.

e-Formost's bill pay solution provides a feature set like no other to quickly and easily move any organization from a mailer to a full service provider with Automated Clearing House (ACH) supported back end system.

Receive payment on your client's behalf and accept American Express, Visa, MasterCard Discover and direct deposit. ACH payments can be batched and processed daily, while credit and debit card payments are authorized in real-time. e-Formost's integrated web-based reporting and management dashboard interface provides advanced reporting for CSR activity and B2C payment status and usage.

Seamless integration with online bill pay providers enables your end-users to select bills they want to pay, and then schedule payments, all without complex programming and hours of specific customization.

e-Formost will manage the secure hand-off between e-Presentment, bill selection, and the payment service/s while maintaining the required website branding.