Daily Notices and Confirms

Daily notices and confirms are a legally required necessity for financial institutions and service providers and can play an important role in brand reinforcement. By outsourcing to Formost mediaOne you can save valuable staff time and turn simple notices into harder working cross-promotional, customer communication tools.

Formost mediaOne can:

  • design unlimited static personalized letters and store them as electronic forms for each of your notice types
  • take files you send daily and merge your customer specific financial data with an appropriate letter
  • laser print onto blanks with your signature
  • bar-code and exit scan for document integrity
  • insert into a window or double window security envelope

Dynamic Messages: We can customize your notices to include a message by notice type, customer type or whatever parameter you may choose.

Householding: When multiple notices go to the same address, consolidating multiple notices into one envelope can save on postage expenses and consumables.