Data Processing

Data Processing

At Formost mediaOne we understand that Data Processing is key to any successful print project and our goal is to move your data through our system as seamlessly as possible. We consolidate multiple files, stream data through custom programming and provide numerous options and means for effective delivery.

Custom Programming: Custom Programming is Formost mediaOne's most technically advanced communication service. Our experienced programmers tie the latest development software to state-of-the-art laser imaging hardware to deliver you amazing results.

Full Format Support: We accept print image files and raw data both magnetically and electronically and support all standard software programs on multiple platforms. Send us your database, word processor, graphic, presentation, spreadsheet, business graphic or charting files. We are ready to take the latest versions plus we are fully backward compatible. We also accept PostScript, PDF, AFP and PCL print files.

Raw Data: Send your Raw Data as multi-level records, fixed-field or delimited files in ASCII or EBCDIC.

Electronic Transfer Support: Send your files electronically through our secure FTP Server via our redundant T1 lines. Other options include VPN, dedicated lines and modem.

Technical Options: Our expertise and flexibility allow us to offer a range of options. The ability to match the best technology to each of your communication requirements reduces development and processing time, saving you money now and well into the future.

Data Integrity Analysis: When you send a raw data file we always perform a thorough analysis to ensure data integrity. To reduce distribution costs, we can perform any number of raw data file enhancements, such as:

  • national change of address
  • CMA kill file
  • duplication elimination
  • merge/purge
  • selects/assigns
  • genderization
  • case conversion
  • address validation and correction.

Electronic Forms: Formost mediaOne can design and produce an unlimited number of electronic forms including: letter versioning, bar-code labels, catalogues, price lists and more. Logos, signatures and any graphic file can be added.